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Northern Branch Recent Events '04


Shed Search
Sunday 12th September 2004

Ah, to have such a well-equipped shed! 
First stop on the Shed Search.

Shed Search
A great collection of stationary engines
most of them going!
(Watch your fingers in the cornhusker!).

Shed Search,
Jowett members in typical dress try out the
agricultural machinery.
Shed Search,
Stop no. 5, our own Club Shed,
for a barbeque lunch.


N.Z. Concours De'elegance

The Great Giveaway

This year there was a new award for the most friendly Club and the one that fostered classic car ownership.
With this in mind, our display featured a Javelin in just-out-of-the-shed-after-20-years condition with the slogan
‘Join the Jowett Car Club and get this car free’.
Tony was judged the most likely applicant to get the car going again and enjoy Jowett ownership.
Well, Tony is still in the sixth form, but with the support of his Dad, and seeing their just-finished Morris Minor van,
he was our choice, with only Mum at home to worry about
An email from Tony that night went like this: ‘Thanks very much for the photos, they are really good and I'll save these. 
We told Mum about our surprise and she was keen so that's a bonus.  I am really looking forward to getting started, the car is all
my family have heard about for the last four hours.  So thanks again and I guess I'll be seeing you soon.’ 


So I think that sums up a successful day,
and we have gained a keen young member
and a Bradford prospector.
Have a look at these pictures:

Part of our display, with the giveaway Javelin in the centre And here’s the wonderful prize!


The happy new owner Presented to Tony Wallbutton By Ken Bownlie Nth. Pres.




A Happy Chappie!

Annual Weekend Away Tauranga

A visit to view the R1 Jupiter Replica


Outside Te Puke AutoBarn Car Museum

Inside Te Puke AutoBarn Car Museum


Visit to a Private collection of Automobiles

And a Bradford from the private collection,
Ken wishing his looked so good


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