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Northern Branch Recent Events '10

(page updated as events take place)

The Annual Galaxy of Cars
Feb 2010

The Northern Branch shine and show/ concours is held
in conjunction with the Galaxy of Cars which made
a fitting venue with nearly 1000 other pre and post war

Ken accepting the Best Car Club Display, For 2nd yr running

And The Jowett 'crew' for the day

The biggest turn our to date with for the Galaxy day
10 Bradfords ,10 Javelins and 4 Jupiters

John and Joan Wolf being the overall winner of
The Pride of Ownership Award for 2010 with their Bradford  Van

Members turning up from as far a field as Cambridge and Taupo

Ideal tow vehicle for a Bradford?
The blue car




Classic Car Weekend InterMarque Concours
Ellerslie 14 February


Annual Dinner AGM and Prize Giving  March '10
This Year's awards

Stanley Cup  (for turning out the most in a Jowett)
Lorna Johns
Ray Hanson Memorial Cup (Gymkhana)
Not awarded
Broken Crankshaft Trophy (Fuel Economy Run )
Not awarded
Bent Conrod Trophy  (Persistence in the Face of Adversity)
Greg d’Anvers
Christie Cup (Pride of Ownership)

Best all models: John Wolf Bradford

Best Jupiter: Alan Stanley

Second Jupiter; Kevin Lord

Third Jupiter: Bunty Condon

Best Bradford: John Wolf (van)

Second Bradford: Terry North

Third Bradford; John Wolf (truck)

Best Javelin: Alan Stanley

Second Javelin: Peter Bailey

Third Javelin ; Ken Brownlie




Post National Rally Noggin and Natter,  2010


Fish and Chip Run  May, 2010


On Sunday 9th May, 25 members and friends took part

 in the Northern Branch’s 10th annual Fish ‘n Chip run.

 Four Javelins and a Jupiter plus a number of other cars took part,

 and we were joined at the Bayview Hotel in Kaiaua by

 John and Anne  Anderson in their Bradford.  Only one Bradford?

 I suppose the trip to Feilding was too much for them.

Other stalwarts were missing because of the trip to England

for the Jowett centennial.

Fifty miles through pleasant countryside, with 27 questions

(some of them cryptic: for example, a “backward nogard” is,

of course, a dragon) to answer. 

 Everyone made it safely to the little fishing village of Kaiaua,

where the results were tallied. 

First were Bruce and Sherril McFarlane

and second Alan and Barbara Stanley, both in Javelins (of course). 

After a feed of fish and chips in the beer garden

(yes, the weather was surprisingly good)



Robin entertained us with a musical car quiz.  For example,

the Mr. Ed theme (A horse is a horse, of course, of course)

gave rise to the questions ,

“Which car company sponsored this popular1960s television series?” 


“Which model did Wilbur drive?”  (Studebaker Lark... “easy to park”,

as the advertising jingle went, the Lark being rather small for an

American car). 


“Which model did his neighbours drive?” (Studebaker Avanti). 

Of course, everyone got the answers.  Well, no, they didn’t.  Only Alex,

as a past member of the Studebaker Club, knew the answers

(“Just think: I gave up my smooth, quiet, roomy, reliable 1939 Studebaker

for a Javelin!  It seemed a good idea at the time, 28 mpg versus 18 mpg. 

Well, you live and learn.”).

They should have done better on the Jowett Javelin song,

but would you believe it, no-one knew who wrote it and sang it! 

(Clue: he had another record banned by the BBC). 

The winners of the musical quiz were table 2 (Peter Furness, Bunty and Tirrel). 

Well done!  Of the ten Fish ‘n Chip runs, nine have been to Kaiaua

(last year’s was to Muriwai).  Now we’ve exhausted every possible way

to get to Kaiaua by road, next year’s run will be to a new location. 

Be assured that fish and chips and a pint will be available!


Mid-winter Robin Hood Spit Roast July , 2010



Economy Run:  Oct 2010





Litres used










































































Northern Weekend Away November'10



Gymkhana, Barbeque and Bonfire


          Gymkhana  Results






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