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Northern Branch Recent Events '12


Meguiars NZ Classic Car Fun Run: Sat 11th Feb 2012

Started off a bit damp in the morning, with the top down, but fined up and stayed sunny at St.Heliers.
They said there were about 240 cars meeting at the destination in St.Heliers and they were concerned
about how they were going to fit them all on the Green.  But they did. 
 So many different types of cars - made an eye catching display and many people enjoyed
wandering around looking and talking to owners for a couple of hours over lunch time. 
Only one Jowett there though
One of the organisers said it was nice to see me with my car there again this year.

Classic Car Weekend InterMarque Concours
Ellerslie12th February

This year we had the theme “The Power of the Marque”.

 We had a display using a sample of Jowett advertisements to bring out our message.

 On display was Rod and Bobbie Rugg’s Jowett 8 which was the main drawcard for the day.

The Club Javelin, was proudly on show. (The shed guys certainly did a good job restoring her.)

We also had John and Joan Wolf’s and Ken Brownlie’s Bradford Vans.

Bunty Condon’s Jupiter looking great.

All in all it was a good day. Although the gate numbers were down, we still had a steady day

with many, many taking a good look and a trip down memory lane



Nth Shore Vintage Car Club Run: Sun 19 Feb 2012

Last Sunday (19th) the NSVCC invited the JCC to join them on their afternoon run.
It was a warm sunny day with a visit to Peter and Pauline Sharp's very interesting property north of Albany.
Peter has a few classic American cars. Pauline has the "Owl Cove."  An overwhelmingly large 
collection of owl items of every kind, which started 42 years ago and are all beautifully displayed.
Most impressive. Then to Greenhithe for more interesting vehicles and delicious Devonshire Tea
at Kevin & Marlene's, where you could have a go at croquet on the lawn and enjoy a swim in the pool.
I was the only Jowett on the run until we got to Kevin's to find Jim's Bradford outside. 
He had arrived early to "help" Marlene with the jam and cream scones for the Devonshire Tea ! 


The Annual Galaxy of Cars
Western Springs Feb 2012

 Jowett Club does it Again

The Galaxy of Cars this year was at a new venue, the Western Springs Speedway grounds.

Seventeen Jowetts lined up for public display on a bright and sunny day..The number of cars was down
a little on last year due to several vehicles undergoing repairs or paint jobs in preparation for the

Club 50th commemorative Rally in Nelson in April.

 Never the less the Club was awarded First Place for “Club presentation”

to add to the achievements of 2010: first,  2011, second. 

The judges commended the Club for the supporting information that we provided in addition to

an impressive line up of cars. This included a fully operational Bradford engine,

 a static cutaway Javelin engine, and various signboards on the various models and Jowett history.


This event also doubles up as the Jowett Northern Branch Pride of Ownership and this year

the competition was really close

Some of the team posing with the spoils o winning Best Club Presentation


      Results of The Jowett Northern Branch Pride of Ownership 2012

Bradfords Javelins Jupiters
1st B&BHartman A Stanley G.D'Anvers
2nd J Wolf Club Car B. Condon
3rd  M Brain S Cooney K. Lord

BestOverall: B&BHartman  



Gymkhana, kaukapakapa Pub 12 March 2012



Annual Dinner AGM and Prize Giving  March '12
This Year's awards
Christie Cup (Concours all models )

Stanley Cup  (for turning out the most in a Jowett)
Bunty Condon         Jupiter
Put a Jowett back on the Road Award
Broken Crankshaft Trophy (Fuel Economy Run ) Best Javelin

Bent Conrod Trophy  (Persistence in the Face of Adversity)

Best Bradford

Ray Hanson Memorial Cup (Gymkhana)

Best Jupiter                                                                      


Fish and Chip Run  May, 2011


Fine weather greeted the Northern Branch 12th annual Fish & Chip run.  

Thirty members, family and friends in five Bradfords, four Jupiters and three Javelins (plus some other cars) left Advasco Scales for a northern ramble. 

First stop was the Hobsonville Farmers' Market for coffee and snacks, then we headed north through rural roads in the centre of the island,

avoiding the state highways to the west and east. 

The usual cryptic questions taxed the contestants: for example, only one pair of participants knew the meaning of the adjective 'vespertilionine'

(look it up!). 

All was going well until we were nearing the end of the run, when transposed instructions sent the unwary into the uncharted realms

of southern Northland.  Nevertheless, everyone eventually reached the restaurant that was our destination:  frayed tempers quickly disappeared

with the arrival of the fish and chips.  

The results were:

 Neil and Dennise Moore, first on 35 points;

Bunty and Rachelle second on 32 points;

Lorna and Les Johns third on 31 points;

Alan and Barbara 29;

The Wolfs 12;

Ronald Johns 11. 

 The restaurant, Top of the Dome Café, coped splendidly with the crowd, the food was great, and all were happy. 

It turned out that one of the Owners, Bill And Jocelyn Calthrop where  former Jupiter owners, and sent us a fine photomontage of our cars outside the café. 

An excellent turnout!  Let's hope we get as many next year. 



Post National Rally Noggin and Natter,  2012



Bruce McLean Trust Coast To Coast Charity Run August 2012





Ardmore Air Show And Brits at the Beach


Economy Run:  Oct 2012






Litres used
































































































Northern Weekend Away November'12

 Barbeque and Bonfire





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