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"Wheels with Attitude"  Dannevirke, 3 February 2008

Our first outing of the year was at Dannevirke. Leo Bolter and his Jupiter, together with Ian & Sarah Howell and their Javelin,
Dick Graham with his Javelin & Malcolm & Judy Cameron with the Bradford Sports Dragonfly attended.
Also Club members Kelvin & Fiona came over from Taihape for the day.
We had a separate Javelin motor on a stand, Jupiter information (from Leo),
the history of the Jowett Car Company and information about our JCC Club was on display
(even though we didn’t manage to talk anyone in to joining). Lots of interest among those present
There were cars of all descriptions plus trucks, tractors and stationary engines at the Show Grounds,
along with the usual swap meet. Altogether a successful day.
 We have a contact person to follow up who is aware of (4?) Bradfords and parts somewhere in Feilding.
Our next outing will be British Car Day at Trentham and then the National Rally at Napier.

From the left: Dick Graham’s Javelin, Sarah and Ian Howell’s Javelin,
Leo Bolter’s Jupiter, (a Stingray) and Malcolm and Judy Cameron’s Dragonfly.

There was another "flat four" (or should that read "what for?") in attendance

British Car Day on 17th February

Dawned fine and clear and later on very hot.
An excellent day shared by Dick Graham, the Cameron family and Kelvin Gardiner from Taihape.
A lot of interest in our history board and polished javelin motor.
Interestingly, there were a couple of enquiries regarding Jupiters.
 Unfortunately Leo Bolter with his Jupiter was unable to join us this year.
Next event – National Rally at Napier.

Shannon Car Rally 23rd February

Saturday February 23rd was a glorious day weather wise
and what better way to use it than to go to a Classic Car Rally . . . .
Hop into the Jupiter and take a short drive to the "re-emerging" town of Shannon
about 20 minutes south of Palmerston North on Highway 57
Shannon had a bit of a bad time a while back
with certain members of the undesirable elements of our citizenry having taken up residence there . . .
 a bit of a Wild West town! . . with all that goes with that title!
It’s now a place where the local folk are rallying together to make the small town a Mecca
for tourists and the more local "Sunday drive" travellers. They are making it attractive and tempting to take a break,
 stop for coffee, peruse and take in the art galleries and craft shops
and while there go to Owlcatraz ( and to be able to go there with every
 hope of getting out before your lifetime ends! Not like the other place with a similarly sounding name.

Their Classic Car Rally was definitely NOT confined to the Vintage Car Club’s definition of Classic cars,
as there were just loads of exotic machinery parked up on the local sports ground. From a collection of about 8 Ferraris . . .
(probably) millions of dollars worth of them! . . . to un-restored (and some restored too) big American "grunters",
chopped and lowered Hot Rods with superchargers as big as a Javelin engine . . . and specials.
Of course, there were the inevitable Morrie Minors and Ford Cortinas, and the like.
There were food, Tee-shirt and plant stalls as could be expected
and even a guy who would take a picture of you car and send you a jigsaw puzzle of it in return for $20 . . .
I was talked into it, I must admit!
The show was all over by about 3:30pm, but a great time was had by all the public viewers, the exhibitionists
(errr . . maybe that should read exhibitors . . . but then again, maybe not). Certainly the organisers were "rapt"
and will be doing it again for certain,
and of course the town’s Improvement Organisation gained some more money to put to the good cause.

A panorama view from the grandstand. For those with really good eyesight, the Jupiter JJ-1951 is on the far side,
 slightly to the left of the blue tent in the centre!

VCC Manawatu Branch NZ Swap Meet, Manfield

A panorama view . . . taken quite late . . . after most had gone home!

There'd been a good number of particularly interesting cars in the display outside
parking area too, but I had been so busy inside that I didn't get a picture until it was almost
empty of vehicles!

A Jowett Jupiter in good company.





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